Foreign Policy: Interview about rape in Sweden

Cathy Young has a very interesting piece in the latest issue of Foreign Policy about the nationalist and anti-establishment movement. I spoke to her about sex crime and specifically group harassment against women and girls in Sweden, a phenomenon which is clearly linked to immigration: Sweden may not be the “rape capital of Europe,” as Waters claims — the country’s high rape … Läs mer →

The Weekly Standard: The Truth About Sweden

My piece in The Weekly Standard on immigration, crime and what actually happened last night in Sweden: Sweden’s former prime minister Carl Bildt had the facts right when he tweeted in response to Donald Trump: “Last year there were app 50% more murders only in Orlando/Orange in Florida, where Trump spoke the other day, than in all of Sweden. Bad.” That comparison, … Läs mer →

Panel: Islamism and parallel societies

I celebrated this 8th of March discussing women’s rights and parallel societies in Europe at a conference in Brussels organized by The Wilfried Martens Centre and the AJC. Amazing panel with Prof. Dr. Ruud Koopmans (Director, Research Unit Migration, Integration, Transnationalization, WZB Berlin Social Science Center), Dr. Lorenzo Vidino (Director, Program on Extremism, George Washington University),  PD Dr. Elham Manea (University of Zurich and Senior Fellow … Läs mer →

Interview: Sweden’s no-go zones

[English subtitles] Interview with Gordon Grattidge, head of the Swedish paramedics’ union, on violence against first responders in Swedish no-go areas. “I know it’s sensitive and controversial,” Gordon Grattidge said.  “But for us it’s really a no-go because we have directives not to go into dangerous situations.”

The Weekly Standard: A Tale of Two New Year’s Eves

I have a piece in The Weekly Standard about group abuse against women in Germany and Sweden after the mass attacks in Cologne––and how differently authorities in the two countries have dealt with the problem: This month, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, a government agency, reported what it called “alarming” new figures: The number of women who state … Läs mer →

Project Syndicate: EU’s Refugee Culture Clash

Discussions about the influx of migrants into Europe have tended to focus on logistics. But, as the harassment against women, gays and Christians in asylum centers reveal, the challenge is far more complex than that, I write in a column for Project Syndicate. Indeed, the refugee crisis in Europe is more a matter of culture than of numbers. And cultural clashes … Läs mer →

Op-ed in The Jerusalem Post about human rights inflation in Europe: Like the Israeli Supreme Court the European Court has taken on an activist role. And just like in Israel, this has raised questions of the legitimate scope of power of unelected judges. The British Prime Minister David Cameron has taken action to limit the Court’s jurisdiction, with the objection that … Läs mer →

Project Syndicate: Anti-Semitism from Malmö to Toulouse

STOCKHOLM – Rabbi Shneur Kesselman estimates that he has been the victim of 100 or so anti-Semitic confrontations since he arrived in the southern Swedish city of Malmö in 2004. The latest was just a few days ago, when some young immigrants in a car spotted him on his way home after the evening service at the synagogue. The driver accelerated … Läs mer →