Foreign Policy: Interview about rape in Sweden

Cathy Young has a very interesting piece in the latest issue of Foreign Policy about the nationalist and anti-establishment movement. I spoke to her about sex crime and specifically group harassment against women and girls in Sweden, a phenomenon which is clearly linked to immigration:

Sweden may not be the “rape capital of Europe,” as Waters claims — the country’s high rape statistics in recent years are largely the result of laws that use a wider definition of rape than other European countries. But Paulina Neuding, a columnist for the center-right daily Svenska Dagbladet, reports on evidence that sex crimes are on the increase. This is most likely due to more assaults by foreign-born men, she says. The government’s refusal to release statistics on the backgrounds of perpetrators, Neuding told me, contributes to a vicious cycle of speculation. (The Swedish government has separate registries that keep track of criminality and foreign background, making information that cross-references the two hard to obtain, according to Manne Gerell, a lecturer in criminology at Malmo University in Sweden.) Neuding says the rapid influx of migrants and the failure of integration are creating tangible problems in everyday life. “When the establishment fails to address these issues, then people will turn to populist parties,” she says. She predicts that the anti-immigrant backlash will become further radicalized, with calls not only for a halt to immigration but also for deportations.

Foreign Policy.

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